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Staff Application - Maniac - 06-05-2020

  • Your Username: Maniac

  • Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:99936524

  • Time Played: Fairly New

  • Total Garry’s Mod Time: 3071hrs

  • Current Rank: Member

  • Rank Being Applied For: Moderator

  • Permissions (If necessary): NA

  • Previous Staff Experience: 
    I've moderated for various communities before such as: CWRP, DarkRP, HL2RP, SantosRP and even several studios that are developing stand alone games outside of steam or within the platform steam offers. I've participated as the following positions before, being: Helper, Moderator, Administrator, Public Relations, Human Resources/HR, Event Coordinator and as Community Director. I've done 8 years + with C#, JS, PhP and CSS and that I am a veteran old member on this coding forum  As  I've also reverse engineered this and posted a full guide on running it.'ve done these throughout my years moderating and managing communities that invest within a player/member base of 1000, and more; although this isn't what I hope to be the demonstration of my skill sets, It's more the fact that I've been doing this for 7 - 8 years in general nonstop. 

  • Why Do You Think You Deserve This Rank: 
    I am intrigued in applying for moderation within this team under the reasons of wishing to encourage brand new users into participating within the chat whilst upholding the rules and regulations by enforcing them correctly to a friendly use of approach, however my goals have split thoughts regarding to wanting to become a beacon of light in order of holding that candle to light the way of every individual in showing them the way and how to come about thing's correctly such as fixing code issues or finding the corresponding paths to such requests or questions. As I'd love to provide a huge variety of well constructed criticism as well advice on how to provide a more improve characteristic to any kind of mistake made as there's always a second chance for someone to redeem themselves no matter the mistake!

    I've always been hoping to one day find somewhere filled with open minded yet pressuring tasks such as a community filled with countless amounts of people around my quality of skills regarding programming and monitoring, management and moderation skills when it comes to maintaining a well controlled area, regarding the matter of enjoying to see people who are enlightened by every topic that comes flying my way. I find it rather engrossing when it comes to seeing the community develop and people who work together in helping newer members as well teach them as if it was a root growing from the ground into a branch of knowledge which is something astonishing to witness consistently and i'm hoping to be around for such occasions as well one of those people who inflict such colors onto other people. I'd be looking forward to learning from others who are me acknowledged then myself in area's such as scenario's and how to deal with them as there's always room for improvement therefore I am quite openly minded to criticism on how I act and deal with certain things and for sure a challenge hoping that I can provide an essential daily cup of activity when it comes to assisting the community in every single way possible and to ensure no kind of bullying occurs as I use to endure such fatal issues in the past which could arrange from cyber to actual bullying and I'd like to represent as the sword and shield who motivates the crowd in a way of being a green grass to grow and never wither!

  • Additional Information:
    Name: Bradley
    Age: 20
    Career: Acting, Directing and Writing for theatre and film.Social
    Type: Socialist, Friendly.

RE: Staff Application - Joey - 06-05-2020

Can you edit your post and add a poll to it with the two options of "Yes" and "No"?

RE: Staff Application - Maniac - 06-05-2020

(06-05-2020, 06:57 PM)Joey Wrote: Can you edit your post and add a poll to it with the two options of "Yes" and "No"?

I've added the poll, thanks for responding.

RE: Staff Application - Gucci - 06-06-2020

Interesting application and you have a lot of experience

RE: Staff Application - Maniac - 06-06-2020

I’m withdrawing my staff app as I want to proceed with my role play more since I love the role playing element.

Thanks! Smile

RE: Staff Application - vac - 06-06-2020

Closed per request.

RE: Staff Application - vac - 06-10-2020