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212th commander app - methylenedioxypyroalerone - 06-06-2020

  • Your In-Game Name: PVT Pipradol

  • Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:80486786

  • Time Played:1 hour

  • Total Garry’s Mod Time:2488

  • Current Rank: PVT

  • Position You Are Applying For: 212th commander

  • Previous Experience: 212th XO,501st major, Grand master, 41st major

  • Why You Think You Deserve This Position: I feel as though I am the best candidate for this position because I have shown my leadership abilities on and off the battlefield. I always do my best to remain unbiased when magistrating with aggressive conflicts, rewards, or punishments for troopers and will continue this process on a larger scale; I always do my best to understand all sides of a story and step out of my position when needed.

  • What Will You Do In This Position:I would bring 212th to their full potential in almost every situation. I would train 212th to always act accordingly and appropriate whenever on duty. I would coordinate my troopers based off of their skill to fit a specialization while also training them to take over duties if necessary. I would make certain that 212th do their best to stay within the lines of roleplay while also allowing room for a Game Master to make changes if necessary. I would teach my men to speak professionally and with current information whenever speaking .

RE: 212th commander app - Fike - 06-12-2020

+1 Although he has been inactive recently I think he brings a different aspect to being a commander that this server so badly needs