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Fike's GM App - Fike - 06-09-2020

Your Username: Fike

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:73279683

Current Server Rank: User

Time Played: 13h

Total Garry’s Mod Time: 7705

Time Zone: EST

Previous experience (If applicable): Gamemaster, Head Gamemaster, Manager

State why you should be Gamemaster: I should be a gamemaster because I truly want to help entertain this community. Already I've proven myself an active member of the community constantly suggesting new things to help in any way I can think of. In the past people have had problems with my actions as a manager and player, but just as I have before I plan on completely separating my time as a player and as a GM. If you ask anyone who really knows me they will say at least one thing, I was and would make for a good GM. I have the experience to not only make well-written storied events but also quick events that still allows for the players to actively participate in RP.

Provide an example(s) of an event you would run:
<> (basic event written for anaxes, better maps = better events)

Additional Info: In the past people have had problems with things I've either done or said, With the start of this server I plan to change the way I RP and communicate with others.