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Mcgru's gm app - slirpster - 06-10-2020

Username: Slirpster (in game name McGru)

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:70878345

Current Server Rank: User (VIP)
Time Played: I honestly don’t know. I’ve played on this server for a while though, and I think I am pretty dedicated.
Total Garry’s Mod Time: 3,264 hours
Time Zone: CDT (Central time)
Previous experience (If applicable): I was a gm on the old IG server for a bit, I didn’t do as many event as a lot of other people, but the ones I did seemed to make people pretty happy. I got a lot of +8s and +9s on the ratings. I was a big fan of doing sims as well and just keeping people entertained in general.
State why you should be Game master: I should be given game master because I want to give the community something to do. I’ve always enjoyed star wars rp and what not and would like to help people enjoy their time on the server as well. If I would be accepted as gm I can provide some entertainment to players while the other staff continues their work on deving for the server. I finished all my exams already so I should have plenty of time to hop on the server and entertain people. I was really into making sims for people but I also like doing events and I have a few basic ones that I have in mind for this server right now using the base map. I’ve been enjoying the IG community and was happy to hear that its was coming back in a new direction and would like be able to help the community grow by give people a chance to rp and play on the server through events and what not.
Provide an example(s) of an event you would run: I have 3 event ideas.
Additional Info: I would like to do some more battalion based missions so they feel like their battalion is actually useful instead of having everyone do everything together all the time. I am going to try and do that and also give people who are on base something to do as well so they don’t feel left out. I’ve been on a lot of servers and while they try to promote battalion specific role play on these servers it doesn’t always work out so I am going to try and make it so if the battalion is by themselves they will have to use their specializations to help them during their battalion only mission and assignments and what not.

RE: Mcgru's gm app - vac - 06-11-2020

Looks good, you can familiarize yourself with gm commanders via the F4 menu. Approved.