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GameMaster Application Format - CLOSED - Joey - 06-04-2020

Gamemaster Application
Before applying for Gamemaster, please read the following rules regarding applying. Ensure your application follows the format.
Will have a FAQ Thread they can read through too
  • Must have 50 amount of hours to apply (NOT NECESSARY FOR FIRST MONTH OF SERVER LAUNCH)
  • If Denied, you may not apply again until the next round of applications.

  • Advertising or plagiarizing your application will result in an instant DENIAL.

  • Applications not following the format will be denied.

  • Applications may only contain 1-2 events. You may add more, but only the first 3 will be considered in the application process.
  • Your Username:

  • Your SteamID:

  • Current Server Rank:

  • Time Played:

  • Total Garry’s Mod Time:

  • Time Zone:

  • Previous experience (If applicable):

  • State why you should be Gamemaster:

  • Provide an example(s) of an event you would run:

  • Additional Info:
  • Please get your SteamID from the tab menu (right click on your name and click on SteamID).

  • Your Current Server Rank is whatever you are (User, VIP, Admin, etc.) on the server. Do not list your battalion rank.

  • Time Zone should be stated as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You can find it here: <>

  • Previous experience can relate to anything that would factor you into being a Gamemaster. These can be Gamemastering on another server, being a dungeonmaster on D&D, etc.

  • In order to grade Gamemaster applications, we would prefer that the event examples are listed in a separate public Google document.

  • Do not use the same Google document links for events that have already been used in a previous application.