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Lore Character/Commander Application - Joey - 06-04-2020

Roleplay Application
Application Rules:
  • Must apply on the Forums using the correct format and what you are applying for.

  • Do not advertise your application in any way.

  • The application will remain open for a minimum of 72 hours.

  • When you are accepted for an interview you will have 48 hours to contact 1 HADMIN+.

  • If denied, you may not reapply for at least 14 days from your Denial date.

  • If you have an application open you may not vote or comment on other applications for the same position.

  • Abuse of the permissions given by being in the position will result in immediate demotion.

  • Early applications result in instant Denial.

  • Only 1 application open per person at a time.

  • Polls will be done based off the reactions to each thread.

  • If you are accepted and given the position, you must serve a minimum of 60 days before resigning (Unless you provide a valid reason that is approved). Failure to adhere to this rule will result in you being prohibited from applying for a Lore/Commander position (Unless you obtain permission from 3 HADMIN+).
Lore Application Rules:
  • You will be given the rank in the Jedi Order equal to the Lore Characters rank (excluding Jedi Council+). If you decide to opt into Jedi duties, you’ll be expected to do what that rank does in the Order. You will also be set to a rank determined by the Commander of the battalion.

  • Battalion Commanders may not apply for a lore character position.
Commander Application Rules:
  • You must have a minimum of x hours to apply for a Commander position.

  • You must have a battalion rank of at least 2ndLT. (NOT NECESSARY FOR FIRST MONTH OF SERVER LAUNCH)

  • If you are a Commander you are expected to only function in that capacity on this server.
  • Your In-Game Name:

  • Your SteamID:

  • Time Played:

  • Total Garry’s Mod Time:

  • Current Rank:

  • Position You Are Applying For:

  • Previous Experience:

  • Why You Think You Deserve This Position:

  • What Will You Do In This Position:

  • Additional info:
  • Please get your SteamID from the tab menu (right click on your name and click on SteamID).

  • Your Current Server Rank is whatever you are (User, VIP, Admin, etc.) on the server. Do not list your battalion rank.

  • Time Zone should be stated as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You can find it here: <>

  • Previous experience can relate to anything that would factor you into being a Lore Character/Commander. These can being this position on another server, etc.