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Staff Megathread - Joey - 06-04-2020

  • Council is a top management position and is specifically selected by the Owners. People that hold this rank work as a group who are trusted by the Owners. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: administrating staff, forum moderation, ban requests, ban appeals, staff applications, abuse reports, hosting events. These staff members regularly meet with each other to address server concerns, server updates, rule changes, and more.
Head Admin
  • This is not an applicable rank. Will be voted on by Council+ (Need 75% positive votes)

  • Head Admins are dedicated and experienced staff members who have been promoted to a management role. It is their job to make sure sits are being taken properly, that admins are not toying around with their permissions, and that bans are being placed correctly, essentially watching over the staff team to correct and errors. Head Admins have access to updating bans and unbanning users. Head Admins can moderate the forums aside from reports and ban appeals. In addition, they have the responsibility of accepting, denying, and voting on staff applications. Head Admins should be contacted for any in-game staff related concerns. If you are having an issue with an individual staff member, please speak with a Head Admin privately about the situation. Head Admins have the final say on all server related concerns/issues unless Council says otherwise.
Senior Admin
  • Not an applicable rank. Will be voted on by HADMIN+ (Need 60% positive Votes)

  • Obtained after ample time of being a successful administrator

  • Senior Admin is a senior administrative position that assists with ban corrections, ban updates and helping to ensure standards are met. They also provide assistance to mods/admins with training, guidance and supervising.
  • Not an applicable rank. Will be voted on by ADMIN+ (Need 50% positive Votes)

  • Must serve as a Moderator for 30 consecutive days before being thought for promotion.

  • Admins are in-charge of maintaining the overall presence of the server and making sure the rules are being followed. They help other Moderators and Trial-Moderators fit into their new role by offering guidance and advice for moderating the server. Admins are server role models and can assist in most things that a Moderator cannot handle.
  • Can be obtained via application, purchase or Council exception.

  • Moderators are the core group of our Staff Team. They are the first level of Server Moderation and are responsible for handling in-game sits and maintaining a presence on the server. As a Moderator, you are seen as a recruit of the Staff Team and should use it as a learning phase.

  • Moderators are suggested to seek advice and follow the direction of Admins+ to help learn how the Staff Team works. Moderators will go through a trial period of 30 days where they are labeled as “Trial Moderators” where they undergo training. If after the 30 days they have done a good job they will be promoted to “Moderator” where they will be a permanent member of the Staff Team.
The Basics:
  • Staff are at all times expected to know and follow the rules above that of a normal user.

  • Act in a semi-professional manner. (Don’t be a dick, but don’t be like a stuck-up butler).

  • Free of bias.

  • Administrative powers are to be used only for administrative reasons.

  • Remember that you are not above the rules.

  • Treat every player as you would want to be treated.

  • Seek advice from peers and higher-ups if you question something. Never act on a whim!

  • Any Staff Members reported in-game for breaking a server rule should be handled by a Head Admin+. Senior Admins may diffuse, but not punish.

  • Staff can be demoted for inactivity or becoming MIA. Moderators gone for 7+ days and admins+ for 10+ days. If you plan on being away, message the upper Staff Team.
Sit Guidelines:
1. Be Respectful
  • Please be respectful to all Players & Staff Members alike in any OOC situations.

  • In-context RP is the only place where Disrespect is allowed.

  • In no circumstance should you ever scream or yell at someone during a sit.

  • Do not argue, flame, or rant with other staff members in-front of players. Handle it privately!

  • Be Professional - Every Staff Member represents our Server & Community.
2. Stay Calm
  • The worst thing you could do in a sit, aside from being rude, is lose your temper.

  • Getting mad at a user in a sit never helps.

  • If a user is arguing repeatedly with you, or another player during a sit - remember to use your “mute” ability instead of screaming or yelling back.

  • Staff Sits are to be controlled by the Staff Member and should not be an open flame war for 2 players to argue. Be assertive if necessary - But be nice! No one likes an asshole.
3. Listen/Don’t Interrupt
  • When a user is trying to tell their half of the story, don’t interrupt them; everyone should have a chance to speak their half.

  • If they begin bad mouthing other users please do stop them, all it does is cause more drama which makes your job harder.

  • Remember respect goes both ways. Belittling or Antagonizing players will only cause further issues and will not be tolerated. Set an example as a Staff Member.
4. Banning
  • You may only ban on sight for DDoS Threats & Server Crash Attempts.

  • Jails should always be used instead of Bans for minor rule violations.

  • For any rule breaker, it is vital to hear their statement (this does include Mass RDMers) you know the rules, and guess what? Sometimes users don’t!

  • If you are a new Staff Member, consult an Admin or higher before banning.

  • Do not include any quotes from them in your ban reason. Only list the rules broken as necessary.

5. Power
  • Yes you have cool powers, no you can’t use them to RP.

  • Staff Commands should only be used to Moderate the Server.

  • No-Clip should only be used to help Administrate or build if you have a building sign up
Recommended Disciplinary Actions:
  • Warnings should be used if a player is new and genuinely unfamiliar with the rules

  • Jails are a standard punishment and can be issued if a player blatantly violates rules for the first time or exhibits negligent behavior

  • Bans are issued if warnings and jails are ineffective towards reforming a player

  • Please note, players with PO (previous offenses) can be given harsher punishments.